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Seabreeze Yoga Cronulla

Iyengar Yoga in the Sutherland Shire

Seabreeze Yoga Cronulla

Iyengar Yoga in the Sutherland Shire

My mission is to teach, guide and care for the individual, 

to keep the body and mind working… for the long term.

Beginners yoga poses

Beginners Yoga

Our beginners classes are for those wanting a slower, gentler practice, or those new to yoga. You will be introduced to basic yoga poses with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Through the guidance of Bridget.....

Beachside Yoga Cronulla Sutherland Shire

Yoga by the Beach

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and soothing sounds of the ocean and connect your body and mind with the elements as you embark on a transformative yoga journey.

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General Yoga Classes

Our general classes at Seabreeze Yoga Cronulla are more dynamic, but still suitable for beginners. In these classes, a wider variety of yoga poses are taught compared to beginner-level classes.

Seniors yoga

Seniors Yoga

While aging brings wisdom and experience, it can also come with physical challenges such as reduced flexibility and mobility. However, the practice of yoga offers a transformative approach to aging gracefully, fostering flexibility, strength, and vitality in the body and mind.

Who Benefits from Yoga?

Of course I’m going to say everyone… but for different reasons.

The most obvious starting point is physical pain or discomfort – lots of us have injuries, weaknesses or aches and pains that we need to take care of. 

Maybe you have found yourself in your forties with niggly back pain, or a dodgy knee. 

A weekly yoga class will keep you moving and alleviate some of the symptoms.
Then there’s healthy aging – keeping your mobility, stability and muscular and skeletal strength as we age. 

Helping with proprioception keeps us conscious of our body in space, to prevent falls, and to minimise damage when they happen.
And then there’s the mental and emotional stability that comes with consistent practice. 

Better sleep and the social benefits that come from interaction with other humans.
And that’s the beginning….

Bridget is an excellent teacher, a kind and sensitive person and a genius at 

remembering and caring about our individual ailments. 

Her classes are always fun, often challenging — in a good way,

with constantly varied practice and plenty of joy and laughter.

Cate – Cronulla

Bridget Hughes Seabreeze Yoga Cronulla

Hi, I’m Bridget!

I am certified in, and teach the Iyengar tradition or method of yoga. One of the hallmarks of Iyengar yoga, is a focus on alignment and correct positioning of the body.  I do that in a number of ways –

  • I demonstrate the pose so you can see

  • I use clear, simple language to explain the position.

  • Sometimes I may physically adjust a student to gain better actions.

  • I will teach you how to use props such as belts, bricks, chairs and the wall for both obtaining better alignment and deepening the pose.

  • Each week the class is sequenced in a particular way for a specific outcome.  
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Bridget Hughes best Iyengar yoga teacher
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